We are proud to offer training in the noble art of

Armour-making. We will be hosting

intensive weekend workshops, private tuition days and open

evening hammer-ins for local students to work on projects

over a long term.  Have you always wanted to learn an ancient craft? Are you interested in

survivalism and increasing your skill set? We can save you years of

trial and error.


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Please help

We are trying hard to get the school up and running, it is a worthy cause so if you feel you can help then please donate whatever you can spare. 

Stokewood School          of Smithcraft

Armourer: Advanced

Use heavy raising to form advanced armour in thicker steel and then decorate it with techniques such as fluting, chasing and different finishes such as forge blueing, oil blackening and polishing. Explore some of the complicated fastening methods such as hand forged hooks and hinges. Learn to use compound curvature to accurately fit the musculature of the client. Learn about the "peaks" of armour styles and explore what made them superior. This course will be catered for those who have sufficient experience with the previous levels of techniques. After this course you will have experience in everything you need to make money as an armourer. As always, all materials are included in cost.

Armourer: Intermediate

Advance your knowledge to include a strong understanding of the more complicated skills of the trade. Use raising techniques to achieve advanced levels of curvature. Be introduced to compound curves and anti-clastic shapes. Study the historical development of armour in context of the technology of the time and the techniques of the armourers from that age. Learn about articulation,and finish your project to a practical standard. All materials are included in cost. 

Armourer: Beginner

Learn the fundamental skills of the craft and study the basic concepts behind the use and creation of amour. Be introduced to the tools of the trade, learn what you really need from what you can avoid. Learn skills such as dishing (sinking), edge rolling and general shape forming. Learn how to rivet pieces together for maximum mobility and why armour was built the way it was. You will leave with a (hopefully) completed project. All fuel and steel costs will be included in the course fee.